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The information on the website has been provided by a number of sources including 18 Local Authorities, EPA, Met Éireann, Marine Institute and Ordnance Survey Ireland (maps). Information compiled by third parties is not necessarily correct, and is provided as is. The fact that it is included in this website does not mean that the EPA accepts or agrees with it. If accuracy is important it is recommended that you obtain a copy of the original documentation on which the information is based and verify its accuracy. Links are maintained with other websites whose administration and operation are outside the purview of this website. The EPA disclaims any liability for the accuracy of content; validity of systems; effectiveness of tools or technologies; or adherence to privacy, security, accessibility or other policies. When you follow a link to another site, you are subject to the policies of the outside website.

Data usage policy

Data presented on beaches.ie is provided “as is” without warranty of accuracy, timeliness or completeness. The burden of determining accuracy, completeness, timeliness and fitness or appropriateness for use rests solely with the user. The EPA makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the use of the data. There are no implied warranties or warranties of fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability, and the EPA shall have no liability for actual or consequential losses arising from use of the data. The user acknowledges and accepts the limitations of the data, including the fact that the data is dynamic and is in constant state of maintenance, correction and upgrade.

Local Authorities

18 local authorities as part of their reporting responsibilities provide the core beach information presented in the website including the water quality results, swim restriction notifications, bathing water profiles, beach descriptions, amenity information, bathing water extents and locations, bathing season information and local authority contact information. You can contact the relevant local authority if you have any queries on their water quality results and information.

Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA has put in place an IT system (EDEN application) and framework to facilitate the timely provision of water quality results and other information by the local authorities for public dissemination on beaches.ie. The EPA provides a likely water quality status of individual water sample results during the bathing season. The EPA also provides for the 142 main beaches(identified) their overall water quality rating and assessment based on sample results taken for the previous four bathing seasons.

Met Éireann – weather information

The current weather conditions and three day weather forecast information is provided by Met Éireann, the national meteorological service in Ireland. For further weather information you can check out www.met.ie .

Marine Institute – tidal information

The current and forecast tidal information is provided by the Marine Institute. For further marine information you can check out http://www.marine.ie/Home/site-area/data-services/real-time-observations/real-time-observations

Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi)

Some of the mapping images on this website are based on Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) data. You are allowed to use such mapping images subject to the following terms and conditions. OSi data is Copyright © Ordnance Survey Ireland and Government of Ireland protected by the Copyright Act 1963, Copyright (Amendment) Act 1987, Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000 and EU Copyright and Database Directives. Other than as expressly set out in these terms and conditions you are not authorised to reproduce any OSi Data, whether the reproduction is direct or through a fresh drawing or from a map or document based on OSi material, whatever the means of reproduction. Any infringement of Ordnance Survey Ireland and Government of Ireland Copyright may lead to prosecution and/ or civil proceedings. You are authorised to make a single printed copy of each OSi mapping image as displayed on your browser for personal, non-commercial use. Educational establishments may print sufficient copies of each map image as displayed on your browser to provide each pupil/ student and teacher with an individual copy. You must not use the prints for financial gain. All hard copies produced from OSi data must carry the following acknowledgement:
*Based on Ordnance Survey Ireland data and reproduced under Ordnance Survey Ireland Internet Publication Licence 8068. Unauthorised reproduction infringes Ordnance Survey Ireland and Government of Ireland copyright.
*Apart from such use, you are not authorised to download OSi images from this website or to provide hyperlinks from other websites to OSi map images in this website. Any infringement of Ordnance Survey Ireland and Government of Ireland Copyright may lead to prosecution and/ or civil proceedings.